Jungle murals and themes are always fun to create, especially when the space is on the smaller side. The surrounding jungle mural can give you a real claustrophobic feeling, similar to what you might feel in the real jungle. In this theme for Highlands Church in Cumming, Georgia, we created a jungle environment that is a mix of cartoon and storybook, with some elements of the realistic. 3-D vines and airbrushed leaves, trees and foliage provide a dense canvas for the jungle feel while 3-D elements such as bamboo awnings, door frames and jungle rock walls give everything an added pop. The sign-in area features lighted jungle torches and coconut candles and a 3-D toucan to welcome the kids into their new space.

Jungle themes and murals are always a great idea for a kid space. The animals and detailed design provides an environment which stimulates a child’s imagination and sense of adventure. It’s a theme which lends itself equally well to small areas and large areas and a wide range of budgets. It’s a good choice for churches, amusement areas and daycares. For a consultation about your space, contact Imagination Atmospheres at 855-501-3620.