About Us

Imagination Atmospheres has been creating custom-designed murals for kids since 2004. As a company founded and operated by artists, we place a high value on original and unique art and we strive to constantly create new designs to make your environment stimulating and exciting to kids and adults alike. We’ve designed kid’s spaces throughout several locations across the United States in churches, pediatric clinics, daycares, preschools, assisted living centers, children’s ministries, and amusement areas.

In 2022, we began focusing the scope of our work on mural painting rather than the more expensive, large-scale themed environments. This allows us to serve more customers in a variety of venue sizes and to work within a greater range of budgets. We strive to continue to create custom, high impact kids spaces with tremendous “Wow Factors,” while doing so at a lesser expense than full-scale themed environments.

Our murals are perfect for any areas where kid’s gather but we create murals for adult spaces as well. We transform ordinary restaurants, hospitals, laser tag facilities, bowling or skate centers, coffee shops, theme parks and retail shops into amazing environments at an affordable cost. We’re located in the Atlanta area but we travel all over the southeast United States to create custom environments. Let us design custom murals for your space!




Art Focused

We’re an art company founded by artists so we’re all about art.


Creative Products

We design creative and unique products so your environment won’t look like anyone else’s.


Budget Flexible

We choose a design and production process that best fits your budget so there are no huge additional surprise costs.


Customer Driven

We design, consult and communicate with our customers through every step of planning. We do what we do specifically for you.