Children’s Murals

Ocean Childrens Mural

Imagination Atmospheres has been professionally creating murals since 2004 and children’s murals are our specialty. Our cartoon murals have become a favorite with children in daycares, schools, churches, hospitals, restaurants and amusement areas. We can create a special hand-painted mural for your children’s room no matter what their age. Our mural style ranges from cartoons, to fantasy to graffiti to the whimsical.

Each mural is custom created for your kids and can be personalized in many different ways. We use the philosophy of the Warner Brothers and Disney studios that says “Never underestimate the sophistication of your audience.” Our murals creatively entertain with art and humor while at the same time enhancing an otherwise drab and boring space. so whether you are designing for a bowling alley, skate center, children’s museum or aquarium,  Imagination Atmospheres can design the murals that will bring your kids back over and over.

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Kid's Murals