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Since 2004

We create amazing children’s rooms. Our interiors stimulate young minds and prepare them for learning and for life-changing experiences of laughter, joy and celebration. These vital conditions bring kids back to your space over and over again.

Our clients are companies and organizations with a vision to inspire kids.

We design for schools, daycares, pediatric facilities, children’s ministries, retail shops, youth groups, restaurants and amusement centers. We even create environments for business offices, assisted living centers, and pet hospitals. In fact, we’re there for anyone with no tolerance for boring surroundings. Our unique process allows us to create large and small spaces for groups on tight budgets with a need for high quality theming and maximum WOW experience.

Whether your need is themed environments for large or small commercial spaces, stage design for children’s theatre or kids church, or props, puppet stages or themed desks and kiosks, Imagination Atmospheres has a solution for you. Our consultations are always free, so start an inquiry into your new awesome kids space today.


Our kids’ murals are funny, silly, weird and whimsical. They can be humorous, fantasy, adventure or storybook and, in some cases, fully 3-D! They aren’t like other murals but that doesn’t mean they aren’t lovable.


Whether it’s cartoon Bible story murals, graffiti murals or Jerusalem landscape murals, all of our church murals are custom-designed, so each mural is a unique work of art. Why should your art be the same as everyone else’s?


Pediatric murals put a nervous child at ease making the job of the pediatric doctor, nurse or dentist a bit more painless. It’s true that laughter makes the medicine go down smoother! Our fun cartoon murals add the right amount of humor to accomplish that mission.


Whether you are looking to decorate your church or children’s ministry department, create a new theme park attraction or open a new themed restaurant, we can create the perfect 3-D environment for your needs.

Thank you, Imagination Atmospheres, for helping us create an exciting and inviting area for our preschoolers and their families! Rick and Brent were incredible to work with throughout the entire process and completely exceeded our expectations in their quality of work, creativity, and value for our budget. I love hearing our families, volunteers, and staff so excited about the new look of our space! I would highly recommend Imagination Atmospheres, and would absolutely choose to use them again for future projects!

Amy J Brand

Preschool Minister, First Baptist Church Midland

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