Crazy, Wacky, Fun, Cartoon, Murals For Kids!

Orange Gorilla

We’ve been creating zany murals for children since 2004 and our murals can be seen all across the USA! We love creating hand-painted wall murals that make kids rooms look unlike any you’ve seen before! Children love our silly murals and love to spend their time in our custom designed rooms. We specialize in murals for churches, daycares, pediatric clinics, retail shops, schools and offices. We create murals in a variety of styles from cartoons to graffiti to realistic portraits.

What Type of Kids Murals Do We Create?

Church Murals
Daycare Murals
Pediatric Clinic Murals
Dentist Office Murals
Retail Murals
Veterinarian Murals
Game Room Murals
Hospital Murals
School Murals
Kids Ministry Murals
Amusement Park Murals

and So Much More!

We’re located in Atlanta, GA.
We are currently accepting mural projects in the Southeast USA.
Here are a few locations we have created murals…

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