Mural Pricing


Basic cost for murals is $25-$30 per square foot. More complicated/detailed murals could reach $40 per square foot. We will determine the actual mural cost during our consultation. *Some murals can be created based upon a clients available budget rather than square foot calculations.

Several factors can affect the price of a mural. The main factors we use to determine a mural cost are:

  • Size (square footage)
  • Design Detail
  • Special Materials Needed (lifts, scaffolding, coatings, etc)

Initial consultation is free. I will provide sketches/drawings during the process. Drawings are free after signing a contract agreement but are provided at a cost before a contract is signed. Drawing cost can be subtracted after contract signing.

50% of the total mural cost is required at the signing of a contract agreement. Additional costs for any special equipment must be paid up front. Unless previously arranged, full payment is due at mural completion.

You will be responsible for surface preparation and base coats. Hole/crack patching, removal of obstacles and base coat priming should be done before the painting. Airbrushing cannot be applied over a paint/primer containing a stain blocker! There is an extra cost if I must prep the walls.

Travel expenses (room, board, vehicle rental) will be an additional charge. There are no travel expenses for local murals (i.e. within the Atlanta area).

Mural price is based upon the total Square Footage of the walls. To calculate the square footage, multiply the length by the height of the wall. For instance, a 10 foot long wall that is 8 feet tall would be 80 square feet (10 x 8). Subtract any door or window spaces from the total square footage. For hallways, remember to calculate both wall sides if they are to be muraled. For mural cost, multiply the total square footage times the base mural cost: $30/$40. 80sqft of walls x $30 = a mural cost of $2,400.