Many pediatric offices today don’t look like the facilities of old. Pediatric medical and pediatric dental offices are designing their waiting rooms, exam rooms and even their buildings to appeal to their main clientele, the kids. Pediatricians are striving to create an environment that not only attracts kids to them but also helps put them at ease when they visit.

There are many themes that can help a pediatric office accomplish those missions. If you are planing a pediatric design and are having some difficulties coming up with theme ideas, here are a few we suggest might work for your office:

Cartoon Village
Medieval Castles, Princesses, Knights and Dragons
Aquatic / Aquarium
Main Street
Old West
Tree House
World Cities
Cartoon Animals
Rainforest Adventure
Mountain Cabin
Outdoor / Camping / Fishing
Fairy Tales

Of course, it’s possible to even combine themes from this list in whatever way you wish. A Rainforest Adventure and Jungle theme would make a good combination as would Beach and Underwater Aquatic themes. Another idea is to create a theme that reflects something your city is known for. Maybe a gold or jewel mine, or particular type of livestock or profession or sport. If your pediatric practice has a known character or mascot, you can even create an entire theme or murals around that character.

Keep in mind that your theme or murals need to be original. To use Disney or other popular cartoon characters, superheroes or movie characters like Harry Potter, would require a license by the owners to use the characters. No one wants to spend money and time for a facility design, followed by a Cease and Desist order from the attorneys of the characters you used without permission.

Deciding on a design theme for your pediatric office can be challenging but it will provide the structure for an exciting kids’ design that will brand your practice for years to come. If you have questions or concerns about a theme topic for your pediatric facility, give us a call at 855-501-3620 or contact us by email and we’ll be happy to work with you to come up with the perfect theme subject.