I’m one of those artists who enjoys doing a variety of creative art forms. I’m lucky in that my job involves mural painting, airbrushing and cartooning because these are some of my favorite types of art but in my personal life I also enjoy fine art, performance art and photography as well.

Recently I’ve been diving back into photography and rediscovering my love for capturing still images. I don’t know about you but when I am concentrating on a certain type of art, my creative mind doesn’t want to be interrupted with thought or ideas about any other type. It’s very difficult for me to work on photography at the same time I am painting abstracts, for instance. I’m not sure why this is but my mind only wants to concentrate on one creative outlet at a time, which makes my artistic life always look very compartmentalized. If you meet me at one period, I may show you all of my recent photographs, but another times I may have several new canvases to display. Rarely will I have new art from several different expressions.

I wonder how artists such as Picasso could work on so many different types of art pieces at the same time. Some artists seem to have this well of creativity inside them that must come out in whatever form is handy at the time. They can paint a landscape or snap portraits in the same day and still feel a sense of fulfillment.

How about you? What is your creative process? Can you work on several different types of art projects at the same time? What’s your secret?

— Rick