"Do You Travel?"

Yes! We have locations in Atlanta and Chattanooga but most of our projects are some distance away. We have created projects in New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, California, Tennessee, Missouri and several other states. Most of our work is located in the southeastern United States but we will travel to most locations in the continental United States.

"Do You Design Only For Kids?"

We have a lot of fun designing for kids but we create themes for all age groups and audiences. We can create something you’ll be happy with for your particular group whatever their age!

"How Do We Start Planning A Theme?"

First of all, evaluate your space. Do you have a large open space such as a gymnasium, theatrical stage or common area or is your space a little smaller such as a hallway, classroom or office? Obviously, larger 3-D props and scenery will fit better in more open spaces but there is always creative ways to change smaller spaces with 3-D elements as well. If you have a small space, you may want to think about muraling, supported by smaller 3-D elements. If you look through our photo gallery you will see examples of theming in all types of spaces.

Determine the amount of square feet you need designed. This figure is very important. We cannot start conceptualizing your theming project until we know the total square feel you are working with.

Next, establish an idea for an overall theme. If you’re working with kids your theme will be much different than a theme aimed toward adults or teens. This is where your imagination can run wild! We can create themes based upon any “genre”: tropical, jungle, sports, space, Medieval, pirate, western, Tuscan, Oriental, nostalgic, storybook, animated, theme park, etc. There’s a lot to choose from or dream up!

We have worked with many of our clients in establishing ideas for themes. We’ll be happy to jump into that process with you!

"How Long Does The Process Take?"

That can depend upon several factors. However, if you have a space ready for theming, an idea firmly in mind and budget approval from the “powers that be,” the process from start to finish can take 2-6 months depending upon the scale and scope of your project. Keep in mind that you may have to compete for scheduling with our other clients so call early and schedule soon!

"How Much Does Theming Cost?"

There are several factors that figure into cost for specialty theme designs. Generally, our price for themed design is $45 per square foot of space we will be working on.

"Can We Have Our Theming Done In Phases?"

In many cases this is acceptable. You may have different hallways, buildings or classrooms that will be completed at different times or perhaps you want to use a themed area to help you raise money for theming other areas. We can help you with ideas regarding this type of plan.

"How Much Do You Charge For A Consultation?"

Currently we only ask for our travel room and board expenses to be reimbursed. In many cases we can consult with you over the phone and through e-mail using digital photos and video. This is the most economical way for consulting.

"Do You Do Work Outside of the United States?"

At this time, we do not work outside of the mainland United States.

"Who Are Your Clients?"

While churches make up a large part of our theming clients, we can design themes for any business, organization or venue. Theming is popular in hotels, retail areas, shopping malls, amusement parks, fairs, festivals, resort areas, theatres, museums, restaurants, convention centers, hospitals, assisted living facilities, recreation centers, skating rinks, salons, offices, bowling alleys, tourist attractions, miniature golf courses and many other locations. In addition, we create museum exhibits and custom props, scenic art and backdrops for photography studios, theatres, film sets and other performing arts spaces.

"What Materials Are Used In Your Themed Environments?"

Materials depend upon the particular theme we have designed, its application and the audience intended to interact with it. We use materials found at most construction sites: wood, EPS foam, plastic, cloth, metal, etc. The majority of our painting utilizes non-toxic water-based latex, acrylic and theatrical paint. These paints are non-toxic and safe around humans and pets. For outdoor use, or in special indoor cases, we may use oil or solvent-based paint.

"How Durable Are The Elements In Your Themed Environments?"

We design our themes with interaction in mind. Themes that involve direct contact with children are created with that level of durability as a goal. Stage sets that may have no direct contact or abuse from human interaction might be created “softer.” Everything we create is designed to last many years in whatever application and environment it is being used for.

"Will You Build Or Renovate Our Building?"

Currently we do not build buildings, rooms, install carpeting, install special flooring or ceilings or apply roofing or siding. If you wish, we will be happy to work with you in locating companies that do these services in order for you to prepare for us to theme your facility.

"May We Contact Your References?"

Most certainly! In fact we suggest you contact the references of any theming company you may be considering working with. We will be happy to send you references and any other information you may need to help you make your decision. We suggest you do as much research as possible while you are planning your theming project. If you check references, review work, participate in consultations and do cost comparisons we think you’ll find Imagination Atmospheres will come out on top in all areas!