Mississippi Boulevard Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

This abstract and cartoon main street mural features some specific Memphis icons such as BBQ and the City Zoo. While all of the walls areas are completely covered with murals, the lack of 3-D sculptures keeps the space open and serves as a colorful and creative passageway to the children’s classrooms. Muraled wood panels add a touch of 3-D for maximum visual effect and “wow factor.” A themed environment that provides saturation of art, yet simple design for a creative and open space. This environment is very flexible and can work for almost any space from kids church hallways to daycare and schools and with design alterations it can work with practically any age group.

Airbrushed, hand-painted murals and wood cutouts.

This custom-designed theme covers two sides of a wide hallway and included theming of existing sign-in desk.

$20K – $30K