Nancy VanReeceIA: If you could sit & chat for one hour with anyone (past or present), who would it be?
NVR: My wife Joan. After over 26 years, she still is the most engaging and inspiring person to spend time with on the planet.

IA: What do you do to get into your creative zone?
NVR: I get up and have some coffee or tea and flip through New Mexico Magazine and sketch, it works every time.

IA: Who is your greatest influence?
NVR: My mother told me once as a child playing with color on paper; “Look for the light, Nancy, always know where the light is coming from and you’ll do fine with a lot of things.”

IA: When did you realize that you were a creative person?
NVR: I believe that all human beings are creative. The way that we exhibit artistic talent is informed by our creativity in a spectrum of ways.

IA: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?
NVR: We shipped camping gear to Denver, flew in, camped in 5 places in 2 weeks through out Colorado, then boxed and shipped the gear home via UPS and flew back. We never were quite sure what campsite was going to be next.

IA: How did you make your first dollar?
NVR: My first check came from working retail in high school in 1980. I sold my first painting to a restaurant in Nashville in 1990. The restaurant is gone, I think the owner took the painting home.

IA: What is on your bookshelf now?
NVR: Most of my books are work related and marketing studies. I have a collection of short stores titled BARK by Laurie Moore that my sister gave me nearly a year ago that still waiting to be read…. I”ll get on that. I read nearly everything on the Kindle App now. Paper is for drawing on.

IA: If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say?
NVR: You are stronger than you think you are.

IA: What is your favorite color? Does this color describe you as a person?
NVR: Blue, all shades. – It represents my multitude of passions for natural turquoise stone and big skies on bright days.

IA: What is something you always think “what if…” about?
NVR: What if I could expand my house into the backyard and wrap the deck around ….

IA: Five interesting facts about yourself…go!
NVR: (1) I’ve been self-employed 15 years of the last 28, including, now. (2) I’m allergic to the smell of peppermint oil. (3) I’m running a campaign to be the council representative for District 8 in Davidson County – Nashville’s Metropolitan Council. The election is in August of 2015. (4) I enjoy taking photos with my iPhone more than just about anything. (5) I’d rather teach someone how to do it than do it for them.

IA: What did you do yesterday?
NVR: I went on an amazing private tour of the Tennessee State Prison with Historic Nashville, Inc. The prison opened in 1903 and was closed in 2003. It was the location used in the movies, The Green Mile and the Last Castle.

IA: What’s the first song that comes to your mind right now?
NVR: Let the Drummer Kick – Citizen Cope

IA: Do you critique your own work? How?
NVR: I look at the effect of my work. If it makes life progress, it is work well done.

IA: What are the last three items you bought?
NVR: A new iPhone Case. Some new shoes (blue). Some Lemonheads.

IA: What is your favorite Nashville treat?
NVR: People. Nashvillians are amazing.

IA: Are you creative in more than one area? What is/are the other area(s)?
NVR: Every decision throughout the day is an opportunity for creativity.

IA: Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it?
NVR: No. I really don’t.

IA: Do you ever create hidden meanings or messages in your work?
NVR: Wouldn’t you like to know …

IA: What’s the last film that stuck with you?
NVR: My favorite film is the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Watch it and then you’ll know why.

IA: What is creativity to you?
NVR: Air.