Our Process

Have you wondered what’s involved in having your space designed with murals or a full 3-D themed environment? There are several steps involved and this is how Imagination Atmospheres does it.

Dream Stage

Who says “there is nothing free in this world”? Not us, because everything in the Dream Stage is free! That’s right, you can dream up ideas for your project from morning until night and share everything with us and we won’t charge you anything! We never charge for consultations, so feel free to send us photos of your space, planning notes, design samples, color swatches and anything else you want to help us understand your vision for your project.

In most circumstances, there’s no reason for us to show up at your location before we install your project. That’s right, thanks to the magic of technology the money you could otherwise use for travel expenses can stay in your project budget. All the information we need about your space we can gather through Skype, FaceTime, email, videos, blueprints and wall layouts. If it becomes necessary to meet at your space, we only charge travel expenses. Contact us for specific information.

The Dream Stage is also the best time to begin finalizing your budget numbers. We understand that budgets are often still being negotiated at the beginning of a project so we are always open to the changes and developments in this area. However, before we can move to the next stage we need to have a practical “ballpark” budget number or range to work with.

During the Dream Stage we will also want to start finalizing a timeline for your project. We know circumstances beyond control sometimes dictate schedule changes but at this stage we will want to start penciling in a potential time for designing, building and painting your murals or theming project.

Did we mention you can dream all you want for free??

Drawing Stage

Once things become more focused in the Dream Stage it’s time start making your dreams and vision more real. We start doing this by moving to the Drawing Stage creating drawings for your space. When entering into the Drawing Stage, we should have a pretty good idea of what you want your final project to look like and how much you have budgeted to bring everything to life. Taking those things into consideration, we begin forming concepts for your project.

The initial drawings are always just concepts, so anything and everything can still be changed at this point. Currently our drawing fee is $1,000 which includes up to 3 concept drawings of your project and, if necessary, up to 2 redraws. The good news is, if everything progresses well and we build your project, the drawing fee is subtracted from your total project budget cost so your drawings will be free! Frankly, we’d rather you put all your budget money into the final project rather than into drawings so this is our way of making that happen.

The initial concept drawings are one color drawings. This is to reduce the amount of time spent and a drawing that may end up being changed.  Color drawings are created at a later time when all project details are more concrete.

The Drawing Stage usually lasts 7-14 days.

Design Stage

Once the concepts from the Drawing Stage are approved it’s time to move to the Design Stage!

(Honestly, we could add an additional stage before this one called the “Dollar Stage.” That would be the time when everything is green lighted and a contract agreement is signed allowing us to start production on your project. It’s an important stage — we can’t move to the Design Stage without it — but it’s a quick stage so we’ll just include it here in the Design Stage. It’s also the stage where fees become due so you may want to check out our information about pricing. We’ll certainly discuss more about signing a contract agreement  and fees when the time comes so just remember that this is the time when that will happen.)

During the Design Stage your project will start moving from concept drawings to real life artwork. Exciting! It is during this time we design and build all props, 3-D pieces, architectural accents and other specialty items. If your project is all murals, we now design the exact layout and measurements of the murals and produce any muraled wood panels featured in the murals. Anything that must be designed, planned and produced will happen during the Design Stage.

In some cases, changes can still happen during the Design Stage. Because we custom design everything, we can make some last minute changes and adjustments on anything that has yet to be finalized. Most mural designs can be adjusted even at the “final hour” before installation. Please check with us regarding any changes to determine if additional charges or production time will be required to accommodate the adjustments.

You can expect the Design Stage to last between 30 – 60 days. Actual production time will be determined by your specific budget and the details involved in your theme. Contact us for more information.

Delivery Stage

It’s the stage you’ve waited weeks (and possibly months) on! The Delivery Stage. The Delivery Stage is when we come to your location, paint your murals and install any 3-D props or other elements to completely fabricate your environment. It’s all been building up to this.

During the Delivery Stage we need full, unrestricted use of your space. In order to control the budget and keep travel expenses as low as possible, we will want to deliver and install everything as quick as we possibly can. If we are installing during other construction, it’s always helpful to have access to your space either before or after other construction teams occupy the space. We recognize that isn’t always possible, however, so we will work with you on a system that works best for your situation.

We prefer the space we are working on to not be utilized while we are installing so, if possible, you’ll want to make other arrangements for your classes, meetings or other events which are scheduled in the work area. If this is not possible, please let us know before we arrive and we will attempt to make adjustments in our work schedule. Volunteer “work days” or “clean up sessions” should not be scheduled while we are installing as they tend to slow our work.

Most projects at the Delivery Stage can be installed on a 6 day schedule (Monday – Saturday). Very large projects could take 10 – 13 days or more. We will finalize the actual install schedule before arriving at your space.

Delirious Stage

The Delirious Stage, of course, is that stage where you deliriously enjoy your new space! Have fun!