Hand Painted Wall Murals

Not all murals are created alike. At Imagination Atmospheres, our wall murals are 100% hand-painted art. We don’t use stickers, wallpaper or vinyl murals. That allows us to custom create a piece of art specifically for your walls.

We can also create murals in a variety of styles. We can paint large-scale portraiture, graffiti, landscapes, advertising characters or logos, cartoons, modern art and fantasy. We use strong, bold colors and accent all of our murals with airbrush or spray paint.

Our murals are a perfect design for your restaurant, retail shop, amusement facility, theme park, health club or theatre stage backdrop. We can create small-scale or large-scale depending on your specific need.

Imagination Atmospheres can create the perfect wall mural for your space. Contact us today for a free estimate and quote.