kids main street

Kids Main Street Town Theme, 3-D Props & Sculptures and Painted Church Murals

Since 2004 Imagination Atmospheres has been creating custom designed 3-D scenery, props and murals and turning ordinary spaces into atmospheres that stagger the imagination!

We are a customer-oriented company that provides quality artistic products. Our artists have over 35 years of experience in the areas of muraling, stage sets, prop fabrication, airbrush art, interior design, sculpting and cartooning and can design your particular theming need for your particular budget. You’ll see a complete transformation of your retail space, theatre, children’s museum, play area, children’s ministry, hospital room or office. The possibilities are only limited to your wildest imagination!

Whether you are looking to decorate your church or children’s ministry department, create a new theme park attraction or open a new themed restaurant, Imagination Atmospheres can create the perfect environment for your needs. We design environments for practically any budget and we design art that is permanent, temporary, stationary or moveable. All of our artwork is 100% original, based upon consultation and suggestions from each client.

Contact Imagination Atmospheres today and let us begin working on a concept for you!