Sometimes it’s easy for companies to toss out industry terms, even when customers may be unclear as to what those terms actually mean. “Theming” is one of those terms and since we use it frequently on our website, this seems like a good place to explain its meaning as we use it.

theme-definitionWhen we use the word “theming” it’s connected to the word “theme” (as in “theme park”) or “themed” (as in “themed environments”). While Imagination Atmospheres is basically an environmental design company, our work differs from other designers, (such as interior designers) in that our designs usually portray a particular theme intending on creating a specific environment. We might fabricate a jungle theme for a pediatric dental office which would involve all aspects of the design being themed to portray a jungle. Whether we are designing murals, props or 3-D sculptures, all of those individual pieces will work together to build the jungle theme. Of course it would be the same situation if we are designing a Noah’s Ark theme for a children’s area of a church. Each design element will work together to for an overall theme of Noah’s Ark.

From there, it’s pretty easy to understand the meaning of “themed environments.” All of the designs we create at Imagination Atmospheres are for environments that are themed. It sounds overly simple but it isn’t always so upon first hearing these words.

One of the ultimate themed environments, of course, is a theme park. All of the areas in Disney’s parks are themed, whether the theme be “future” or “space” or “cartoon” or “continents.” It’s what sets those types of parks apart from regular amusement parks which often are just fun areas with rides, games, shows or other forms of amusement. They often don’t have an overall theme the way parks like¬†Dollywood do.

So when you are planning a themed design in your environment, it helps to be able to research terms that can point you to more helpful sources of information. Knowing terms like “theming” and “themed environments” give you an advantage in your project planning.

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