New changes are coming to Imagination Atmospheres as we start rolling out the latest additions to our themed environments department. Our custom designed vinyl wall murals are now online and available for ordering.

Custom spaces have always been important to us and we’ve designed these murals to be as customizable as possible. That means you can order our new murals, install them yourself and still have a unique space. We’ll work with you to make sure our new murals fit your individual space in size and design.

Main Street Vinyl Wall Murals

Ultimately we’ll be offering hundreds of mural designs in our mural shop. Currently we are developing murals for church groups with our Bible Story Murals. These murals are based upon some of our most popular hand painted murals from the past 15 years of Imagination Atmospheres mural work. These murals depict many of children’s favorite stories from the Bible such as “Noah’s Ark,” “Moses,” “David and Goliath,” “Old Testament stories,” “Jesus’ parables,” “Jesus’ life events” and more. These murals are specifically designed to be adjusted in size so they will fit your space. We’re adding new stories on a regular basis so if you need a mural we haven’t added yet, feel free to contact us with your request.

We’re also excited to be developing our new Main Street Murals theme. The “Main Street Theme” is always one of our more popular themes and with the addition of the theme on vinyl wall covering, we can make these murals available anywhere in the United States! Best of all, our Main Street Murals are designed with customizing in mind. Each Main Street “shop” is printed on a single 54″ x 96″ panel of vinyl material. These panels are exactly like wall coverings you see in a wallpaper store. They require no special materials (other than wallpaper paste) or advanced skills to hang, so you can do the installing yourself! All you need to do is figure out how much space you want to theme, decide which Main Street shops you want to put into your theme, place an order and create your own Main Street village. It’s that simple! The Main Street shops are great for long hallways but are also wonderful for classrooms. You can even start the theme in the hallway and move it into classrooms. The choice is completely up to you. And for an extra design fee, we’re able to make a few design changes on the panels themselves, such as the addition of a logo, ministry name and even some color changes. Contact us with any custom requests you may have.

We believe our new vinyl wall murals will be an popular addition to our custom themed environment offerings. It allows us to serve customers all over the country with custom art, on a quality product, at a very economical cost. That’s what we believe Imagination Atmospheres is all about.

Did you know you can hang vinyl wall murals on a cinder block surface? The main thing to keep in mind is to prepare the surface by making it as smooth as you can. The smoother the surface, the better the mural will stay secure to the wall. Having painted block is a great foundation and you can insure even more secure adhesion with the addition of a liner. Here’s an article with tips on hanging wall coverings on concrete Have questions? Give us a call at 800-621-0236.