Themed Environments

Custom 3-D Environments to Enhance Your Space With Any Theme.

Want to know about our process?

Whether you are looking to decorate your church or children’s ministry department, create a new theme park attraction or open a new themed restaurant, Imagination Atmospheres can create the perfect environment for your needs. We design environments for practically any budget and we design art that is permanent, temporary, stationary or moveable. All of our artwork is 100% original, based upon consultation and suggestions from each client. We never sell prefabricated stock pieces. At Imagination Atmospheres we understand that each environment is unique and we design specifically for each space. The needs for a cruise ship stage or theatrical performance is different from a science museum exhibit or a trade show display and we are adaptable in the materials we use to create each individual environment.


Children’s Churches & Youth Ministries
Pediatric Rooms
Assisted Living Facilities
Retail Areas & Shopping Malls
Theme Parks
Haunted Attractions
Performing Arts Stages and Theatres
Cruise Ships
Children’s Museum Exhibits
Photography Studios
Kids’ Play Areas