Woodland Sign-In Area

Lindsay Lane Baptist Church, Athens, AL

This large venue was themed on two floors with three different themes. The entrance and sign-in area featured a woodland forest theme complete with cartoon woodland animals and scenery. Play structures and 3-D characters welcomed children into the area and invited them to play on the working tree-slide. As visitors make their way into the hallway, they find themselves surrounded by large sculpted trees and classroom signs.The main areas of the walls, however, showcase stories of the Bible using familiar cartoon characters. At the end of the hallway, guests enter into a large classroom with a floor-to-ceiling airbrushed mural of Jesus teaching and playing with children.

The second floor of the venue features a long hallway themed as a highway area, with graffiti murals from beginning to end. The final stop at the end of the hallway is a large worship and recreation room. The room’s stage has a full-scale set, designed in a “Construction Zone” theme. The set incorporated painted and 3-D scenic props and set pieces.

Airbrushed murals, 3-D sculpted props and freestanding play areas, sculpted characters, sculpted trees full-scale stage set design with 3-D props and set pieces.

Large sign-in area, 2 lengthy hallways, large classroom, stage area for large children’s church worship area.

$100K – $120K