Main Street With Garage, Park And Train Station

This theme was large enough to cover several areas including nursery, sign-in area, hallways and a worship room. The Main Street theme served as the anchor concept for the other themed areas: a City Park for the nursery, a Train Station sign-in area and a worship room themed as an antique garage. The Main Street themed hallway included individual “shops” such as a pet store, florist, bike shop, barber shop and cafe as well as a Police Station and Fire Department.

Airbrushed murals, wood cutouts, 3-D sculpted pieces and actual found objects included for authenticity. The theme featured two large sculpted trees, 2 marquees, several 3-D signs and a full-scale gas station area.

This custom-designed theme covers a sign-in area and entrance, nursery, hallways and a worship room.

$60K – $75K