How We Price Our Services

Square Feet

Our basic cost for theming is $45 per square foot. Your total wall square feet is an important number. If you want a hallway themed, remember to calculate wall square feet for each side.

Mural Cost

is calculated at $25 per square foot if your space requires only murals and no 3-D theming.

3-D Props

require various factors to determine cost. Contact us for a discussion of cost for specialty 3-D props, desks and signs.

Travel Expenses

will be room, board and transportation expenses for each artist while working on your site. Contact us regarding travel expense specifics.



If your space requires only murals and no 3-D themed design, our mural price is $25 sqft
• Additional cost may be added for highly detailed, complex or text-filled murals.
• Less detailed or saturated areas may qualify for a significantly reduced cost per square foot.
• Additional cost may be added for murals taller than 1 story (13 feet).
• Additional cost may be added for exterior murals.


Our themed environment designs utilize a combination of 3-D sculpture, panel cutouts and murals and are priced at $45 per square foot.
*THERE IS A $30,000 MINIMUM FOR 3-D Themed Environments..

Specialty props, architectural sculptures, sign-in desks, kiosks, stage sets, puppet stages, dimensional signs, etc. are priced on an individual basis. Our basic charge for specialty 3-D sculptures is $65 per cubic foot. Size, features and materials can affect the cost of each individual piece. Contact us for specifics. 

• For additional travel fees or costs, please contact Imagination Atmospheres.

→ 75% of cost due upon signing an agreement.
→ 25% of cost due the last day of project.
→ 100% of travel costs due 2 weeks before start of project.
→ Vinyl Wall Covering Murals require 100% payment at ordering.

Please contact us with any questions about specialty items or specifics about our pricing. We try to work with all budgets so contact us for a free pricing consultation.

We Work With Your Specific Budget

Many factors can influence pricing and we are always willing to work with you on making a mural design fit your budget. Please contact us to discuss budget details and options.