For centuries murals have been one of the most effective ways to change the look of a room. By using only a paint brush and paint, a simple room can be transformed into a deep jungle rainforest, creaky pirate ship, vast outer space, neon techno-world, scary haunted house or the noble Noah’s Ark.

Imagination Atmospheres believes that murals are the foundation to a strong themed environment and we custom-create all of our murals based upon your individual needs. We work along with you to design the exact murals you need for your room, whether the need be realistic, cartoon, fantasy or abstract. Each of our murals utilize the latest in long-lasting paint that is safe for you and your environment and is painted for a cost that makes your budget smile just as big as your audience.

In today’s age where everything is pre-processed, pre-fabricated and pre-printed, our skilled artists paint your unique mural concept by hand into a one-of-kind piece of artwork. You won’t see your mural in any other location. Cheap wallpaper “murals” and stickers are pre-printed in bulk and used in many locations at the same time. This reduces the overall value of your visual experience. Nothing diminishes your “wow factor” more than the words “Oh, yeah, we have that same wallpaper mural.” An Imagination Atmospheres mural is always hand-painted and based on your own unique concept and design so, if necessary,  you can change, adjust, customize or move any part or the whole mural at any time during the process.

Our murals are used as part of a total themed environment or can enhance your space on their own. We paint murals to transform and beautify children’s rooms, hallways, churches, hospitals, daycares, youth rooms and grown-up spaces. If you value your environment enough to have a hand-painted mural created uniquely for you, contact Imagination Atmospheres today at 800-621-0236 for a free consultation.

Our Murals Bring to Life:

Children’s Churches & Youth Ministries
Daycares & Nurseries
Pediatric Rooms
Assisted Living Facilities
Retail Areas Shopping Malls
Church Decoration
Theme Parks
Skate Rinks
Bowling Alleys
Mini Golf
Laser Tag Facilities
Haunted Attractions