What can you do with a Brick Wall? Well, plenty actually!

Our Brick Wall Mural Panels come in several different styles, colors and features and there is a very good reason for that. Customizing your space. After almost 15 years of creating murals and themed environments for kids’ spaces, we’ve learned some things about designing rooms that we have applied to our new vinyl wall mural packages. One of those things is what we might refer to as “black hole areas.” A black hole area is a section that needs to be designed in order to match the rest of the themed area but has characteristics making it difficult to theme. Let’s examine a few of these:

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows can always be problematic when theming. When trying to apply a preprinted vinyl wall mural, these areas can prove almost impossible. Trying to fit a wall covering panel around a door and getting an exact fit or trying to theme a section with a window without losing vital design elements in the mural is a huge headache.


If you are creating a Main Street environment with our Main Street Mural Panels, you may be needing to wrap the design around a corner. It’s possible to have two “shops” meet in the corner but this may also be undesirable. In some locations, corners may be a bit remote and you might not want to lose a “shop” in an area that is rarely accessed.

Wall Objects

Many spaces that are being themed, have sections of wall with pipes, fuse boxes, lights, switches, safety equipment or other such obstacles that would require a vinyl wall mural panel to be cut, sliced, or pieced together.

Design Flexibility

When building a Main Street village, some may feel that too many “shops” side-by-side is over-stimulating and the design may need a rest for the eyes.


Sometimes it is desirable for a classroom to have one or more walls themed in a way that matches the overall theme but also isn’t overpowering.

Lesser Used Areas

We frequently find that customers want to theme areas such as restrooms, stairwells, closets, offices and other areas that don’t get as much use as common areas. It doesn’t make sense to waste rich design elements in these lesser accessed areas.

Imagination Atmospheres designed our Brick Wall Mural Panels to solve most of these difficult areas. We offer two types of brick walls: our Irregular Brick Wall Murals and our Tiling Brick Wall Murals. Here is an explanation of the difference between the two.

Irregular Brick Wall Murals

Main Street Murals Irregular Full Brick Wall.    Main Street Irregular Half Brick Wall

Our Irregular Brick Wall Murals were created for one main purpose: as a separation panel between Main Street Mural shop panels. Some may feel that too many Main Street shops side-by-side create an excess of visual stimulation. The Irregular Brick Wall panels are a perfect way to break up the pattern. Because these panels are made to be used only one panel at a time, they do not tile together to form a longer brick wall. However, they are quite useful for placing in between shops, putting around a small window or wrapping around doors and corners. Have an area with a bulletin board, video screen or coat rack that would be wasted space for a Main Street Shop Mural? Add some bricks! You’ll be surprised at how much the Irregular Brick Wall Murals add to your Main Street theme.

Tiling Brick Wall Murals

Tiling Brick Wall Panel  Tiling-Half-Brick-Wall  Tiling-Brick-Wall-Purple

If you need to have a brick wall area larger than the width of one of our Irregular Brick Wall Murals (54″), take a look at our Tiling Brick Wall Murals. These panels do everything our Irregular Brick Wall Mural Panels do but they can do it much longer! Because these panels are made to seamlessly tile together, you can make a brick wall as long as you want! Create a long brick wall in your hallway, stairwell or even brick and entire classroom. And because they are made to seamlessly connect, you can cut them in half and make a long half brick wall or just use pieces where you need them. It’s all up to your imagination. The Tiling Brick Walls can be used anywhere the Irregular Brick Wall panels can be used but, because they can be tiled together, you can use them for theming around larger windows, double doors or entire rooms. And because these Tiling Brick Panels come in a variety of colors, you can make different rooms or areas different colors. And if you really want your room to get wild, mix them and go multi-colored! A rainbow brick wall room! Again, it’s all depending how you want to customize your space.

We hope you will find our Brick Wall Mural panels useful. We encourage you to dream up your own ideas for how and where to use them and when you do, please send us photos of your space so we can show everyone else!