It isn’t often that we get a request to create a full-scale mine theme but it’s actually been one of my “dream themes” for quite some time. When First Baptist Church of Villa Rica, Georgia wanted to honor their town’s mining history by creating a mining town in their kid’s worship sanctuary, of course I jumped at the chance.

The theme involved so many unique features from mining carts to water towers to full-size mining shops and even a two story spiral tube slide for the kids to enter the area. My favorite feature, however, is Alton the miner.

Alton appears to be entering from a mine shaft and is suddenly startled that the mine cart tracks have not been properly inspected (to say the least). In fact, they are no longer there! These types of character details were my personal favorites when I was a kid and would go on theme park rides at Disney World or Six Flags or even Dollywood! I loved to see the characters reacting with me to the environment I was experiencing along with them. I hope the kids in Villa Rica have fun with Alton the miner and maybe invent ways to help him out of his impending difficulty.

A bit of trivia: we named the character “Alton” because when we were creating him he looked a lot like TV celebrity chef Alton Brown. And since Alton Brown grew up in Georgia it seems a nice tribute. Hmm, maybe our “Alton the miner” would make a better “Alton the chef.”

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Alton Miner and Alton Brown


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