budget requirement is $5,000. We can create for budgets larger than $5,000 but not smaller.

Mural Cost

is calculated largely according to the square footage of your space. Generally, the cost is $22 – $30 per square foot.

3-D Designs

require many factors to determine cost. We try to build 3-D environments according to your budget so contact us for a discussion on cost for 3-D themed environments, props and signs.

Travel Expenses

will be room, board and transportation expenses for each artist while working on your site. Contact us regarding travel expense specifics.

How Much Does All Of This Cost?

huhguyMany factors go into determining a project’s cost. Ultimately, we try to create a project based upon your individual budget. However, it is often the case that you may not have an idea what your budget will be and may need a way to determine a “ballpark” cost. For those times, you may be able to use the following formulas to calculate a cost estimate.

Keep in mind, with mural work you are purchasing art, not a product such as an automobile or appliance. In many cases there is room to adjust fees to fit your budget. We suggest you contact us for help in establishing a cost for your specific area or theme design.

While murals are largely based upon square footage, 3-D pieces such as props, architectural sculptures, sign-in desks, kiosks, dimensional signs, etc. must be priced on an individual basis. for 3-D environments, we have found that a cost of approximately $1,000 per production day in addition to the mural costs, is fairly accurate. Again, we prefer to design for your unique budget, so we invite you to contact us for a free budget consultation.

Mural prices are based upon SQUARE FEET.
(Square Feet is determined by multiplying HEIGHT of wall by WIDTH.)

Under 500 sqft = $30 sqft
500sf – 1000 sqft = $25 sqft
Above 1000 sqft = $22 sqft


There is a $5,000 minimum for all mural work.



• Concept Drawings: $1000. Includes up to 3 drawings and up to 2 sets of redraws (if needed). The Concept Drawing fee will be subtracted from your project cost so there will be no cost for drawings if your project is booked.

• Additional cost may be added for highly detailed, complex or text-filled murals.

• Less detailed or saturated areas may qualify for a significantly reduced cost per square foot.

• Additional cost may be added for murals taller than 1 story (13 feet).

• Additional cost may be added for exterior murals.



→ 50% of Basic Mural Cost due 30 days before start of mural painting.
→ 50% of Basic Mural Cost due the last day of mural painting.
→ 100% of Travel Costs due 2 weeks before start of mural painting.



• Project cost includes travel (within 90 radius of Atlanta, GA), materials, all staff & assistants.

• For distances farther than 90 mile radius of Atlanta, GA, there is an additional charge for every additional 250 miles to travel. Contact us for details.

• For additional fees or costs, please contact Imagination Atmospheres: 423-762-2932.


We Work With Your Specific Budget

Many factors can influence pricing and we are always willing to work with you on making a mural design fit your budget. Please contact us to discuss budget details and options.