Kids' Murals

Our kids’ murals are funny, silly, weird and whimsical. They can be humorous, fantasy, adventure or storybook and, in some cases, fully 3-D! They aren’t like other murals but that doesn’t mean they aren’t lovable.

Church Murals

We’ve painted more Bible murals than Methuselah had birthday cakes! Whether it’s cartoon Bible story murals, graffiti murals or Jerusalem landscape murals, all of our murals are custom-designed and hand painted so each mural is a unique work of art. Why should your art be the same as everyone else’s?

Pediatric Murals

Pediatric murals put a nervous child at ease making the job of the pediatric doctor, nurse or dentist a bit more painless. It’s true that laughter makes the medicine go down smoother! Our fun cartoon murals add the right amount of humor to accomplish that mission.

3-D Environments

Whether you are looking to decorate your church or children’s ministry department, create a new theme park attraction or open a new themed restaurant, we can create the perfect environment for your needs.

Our Process

is Classified “Level 10: Top Secret.” But we’ll reveal it to you anyway! Discover what we do and how we do what we do.

Our Clients

can be found in locations from New Hampshire to Texas. Discover some of the places where our murals live.

Our Prices

are designed to give you more bang for your buck. See how we calculate fees and costs for your project.

Our Work

is custom-created for each client. Here are samples of some of our past mural and 3-D theming work.

Save Money and Do It Yourself

If you have limited space and budget you can build your own themed environment using our art and our design and installing your project yourself. Our creative team will be there to consult with you every step of the way.

Let Us Do All The Work

Large projects need a professional’s expertise, so let Imagination Atmospheres do all of the work for you. Our team of theming artists will work with you to create the perfect design for your space.

Ready To Get Started?

Our consultations are free so get started on your project today!